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"A Man of Influence" is the 13th level in Monolith's Game of the Year The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It is the seventh mission of the game and consists of three scenes.


It is possible that the reclusive Baron Archibald Dumas is somehow connected to the disappearance of Dr. Schenker. It will be up to you and Agent Goodman to establish the link, if it even exists.

The first step is to meet the Baron in person and size him up. Whatever you do, don't blow your cover.

Plot SummaryEdit

Scene 1Edit

8:30am, September 20, Offices of Dumas Industrial Enterprises, Bumberton, England

Archer and Goodman attempt to gain access to the Baron's private office by persuading the lady at the front desk that they have an appointment. When the receptionist glances at the Baron's schedule book, Cate covertly mixes laxatives into the cup of coffee, prompting to run to the loo. After a brief argument with Goodman and a deciding coin toss, Cate snoops around the offices in search of evidence while carefully avoiding detection. Having disabled the alarm and camera system, she finds a hidden area behind a bookshelf in the Baron's private office. The stairs lead to a small penthouse in which she discovers a model version of a nearby compound. Having acquired this information, Cate returns to the front desk just in time before the receptionist comes back. They resolve to reschedule for a new appointment after which the receptionist rushes off to the bathroom for a second time.

Scene 2Edit

Archer and Goodman arrive at the Dumas compound. After another argument on who should investigate (and another coin toss), Goodman helps Archer to sneak inside. She photographs various ledgers scattered around the facility while remaining undetected. On her way out, she spots Armstrong thus providing a decisive indicator to the Baron's affiliation with H.A.R.M. Cate reports to Mr. Jones via pay-phone and gets the go-ahead to interview the Baron in his private residence.

Scene 3Edit

One Hour Later... Residence of Baron Archibald Dumas

Following yet another coin toss to decide "who's going in", Archer proceeds to the Baron's front door. She introduces herself as a reporter named Mia Haig who would like to interview the Baron for "Men of Influence" magazine. After successfully persuading the butler, Cate is shown into the drawing room where she encounters the Baron and gets a brief glance at his grumpy wife who was just leaving. Cate proceeds to interview the Baron by asking him a set of eight questions. The player is given a choice which questions to ask, either in the direction of the Baron's occupation or with regard to his safari adventures (he clearly prefers the latter). It soon becomes clear that this man is not a very bright person and appears to lack any experience in business and big-game hunting, in which he is supposedly an expert. Depending on how many "good" questions are asked, the Baron will be more forthcoming with extra information at the end of the interview. In either case, he mentions a safe which contains "you know... paperwork". Cate then concludes her interview and takes her leave.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)Edit


  • This marks the first mission of the game to be set in the UK, where UNITY has its headquarters
  • The town of Bumberton in which the mission is one of two fictional locations in the game; the other one being Kleinstadt from the upcoming Alpine missions
  • Cate uses laxatives to get rid of the receptionist in order to get past the front desk. Apart from Dr. Schenker's reagent, this is the only drug reference made in the game.
  • While in the bathroom that is marked "Out of Order", the receptionist can be heard using the toilet next door.
  • When using the cigarette lighter on the bin in the restroom, the guard from the security office immediately leaves his post to quench the flames. He then remains in this room for the entire duration of the scene without returning to his post.
  • There is a glitch in the PC version which makes it impossible to turn the cameras on again once they have been turned off. This makes it impossible to complete the objective "Leave everything as you found it". Nevertheless, the scene can be completed by returning to the front desk.
  • The receptionist describes the Baron's routine as being "quite established" in which he reserves Mondays for golf, Tuesdays and Thursdays for skeet shooting, Wednesdays for fishing and Friday afternoons for backgammon. Friday mornings from 11 to 11:15am is the only time slot reserved for business matters...
  • In Scene 1, getting spotted by the staff will cause them to immediately run for the alarm button. If a worker is shot or attacked, the mission is failed due to "Unacceptable Civilian Casualties". If a security guard is shot, the alarm goes off immediately and Cate's cover is blown.
  • There are several conversations between staff and guards in the first two scenes that contribute to the "office scenario" of the mission's first scene: Two scientists argue about methodology, a worker spends all her time on the phone while her colleague "eavesdrops" from the canteen, and an executive asks his secretary to ring a colleague for him
  • At the Baron's penthouse, two guards can be overheard talking about The Beatles where one of them expresses his hope that they don't break up...
  • The compound in Scene 2, contains several chemical containers which strongly resemble those found on the Finnish Cargo Freighter from A Tenuous Lead.
  • If the player takes too long standing on the moving train within the compound, a cut scene will commence in which a red line, probably representing the train, approaches several different cities on a world map. This is a reference to the Indiana Jones films where a similar gag is used. The cut scene lasts for only a few seconds and the player is allowed to continue the mission without having to reload the game.
  • Destroying the camera in the far back of the last courtyard will not set off the alarm.
  • If the wrong responses are selected when Cate is speaking to the butler, the mission will end abruptly with a message stating, "You've failed to interview Baron Dumas!" This is the only time in the series that a mission is failed through means other than dying or having your cover blown.
  • This marks the first appearances of Baron and Baroness Dumas.
  • The Baron is in-fact very lazy, childish and stupid as revealed by his obliviousness to all of Cate's rather obvious questions. His safari lifestyle is also revealed to be somewhat of a scam as he has clearly never been hunting in his life. Last but not least, his surname "Dumas" is might be a clever play-on-words of what the Baron's main quality: that of a dumbass.
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