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A Stern Warning, is a training level in The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It immediately follows the mission Rescue Attempt and prepares the player for the upcoming mission Trouble in the Tropics.

Briefing Edit

Although the rescue of Doctor Schenker was absolutely imperative if UNITY were to have even the merest hope of victory, it comes at a grievous cost.

There is much still to accomplish, but very little time in which to do so.

Summary Edit

9:02am, September 24. Residence of Lester Cheems, Shilling, England

In retaliation for Archer's successful attempt at rescuing Dr Schenker, H.A.R.M. has decided to make an example of the English town of Shilling by detonating the infected banker Lester Cheems thus killing approximately 1,300 people.

In the Briefing Room, Cate, Smithy and Mr. Jones receive another threatening message from the "Puppet" who informs them that unless Schenker is returned to them, they exert similar punishments every 48 hours. Cate points out that Shilling is the birthplace of Baroness Dumas, (formerly Felicity Farnsworth) restating suspicions of her possible involvement. Smithy is not convinced.

Mr Jones calls in Dr. Schenker whom he asks whether he can provide any information with regards the names of the infected victims and the antidote. While he can't help in the first matter, he explains that due to the reagent's instability it can only be produced in outer space. H.A.R.M., who have not only developed the antidote, also has its very own space program. Cate's next objective is to travel to the tropical island from where H.A.R.M. launches its space shuttles in order to retrieve the antidote.

New Skills/Gadgets Edit

  • Mine-Detector function for the Spy-Glasses

Trivia Edit

  • Like Bumberton, Shilling is a fictional town
  • Even though the new gadget received in this level is a mine detector provided by Santa who claims that it's highly likely that the island will be heavily mined, there are actually no mines to be found in the upcoming mission. However, mines do feature in Misfortune in Morocco and Alpine Intrigue

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