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A Tenuous Lead is the ninth level and fifth mission in Monolith's Game of the Year The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It consists of five scenes and is the second longest level in the game.


Meet Agent Goodman at the Bremen docks. Your first goal will be to get aboard the cargo freighter.

Once aboard, you must locate the captain's log and the shipping manifest. Also, photograph any suspicious chemical containers you find.

Scene 1Edit

Two hours later... Bremen Harbor

Cate infiltrates the docks and if possible, avoids confrontation with dock guards or security cameras. Goodman is annoyed that she took so long and tells her that he had to de-activate the explosives he had planted earlier because he wasn't sure whether Cate was coming or not. He instructs Cate to reset four timers in the nearest warehouse, while he will tend to the others.

Scene 2Edit

Cate sneaks into the warehouse and activates the four explosives. After the last explosive is activated, several more guards appear, apparently aware of her presence. By either sneaking past or dispatching them, Cate returns to the meeting point.

Scene 3Edit

From a rooftop, Cate and Tom spot Magnus Armstrong and Inge Wagner entering the cargo freighter via the gangplank. The explosions cause some guards to leave their posts offering a convenient opportunity to covertly board the freighter. Cate insists that she should go and Goodman eventually relents. Knowing that she can't just walk up gangplank, Cate cleverly jumps on top of a shipping container which is then lowered onto the ship with a crane.

Scene 4Edit

15 minutes later, Aboard the Lorelei

Cate photographs the four chemical containers that are scattered around the cargo hold. With the doors being locked, she climbs into a ventilation duct to gain access to the ship's bridge to retrieve the shipping manifest and the captain's log. Unfortunately, she is ambushed by Magnus Armstrong, who has her locked up.

Scene 5Edit

In the freighter's galley, Armstrong is drinking whiskey, while Inge Wagner is furious that Archer is still alive. Their heated argument is interrupted by an explosion and everyone is told to abandon the ship as it begins to sink. Inge Wagner expresses her concern about the cargo and the operation, mentioning that "the director will not be pleased", but Armstrong doesn't seem too bothered, prompting both to leave.

Meanwhile, Cate regains consciousness and must find a way out of the locked room she was put into. To her great fortune, the cigarette lighter was left behind and so she manages to unlock the door using the lighter's inbuilt welder. She quickly recovers some of her gear and places a beacon in the radio room, before finally escaping the sinking ship.


New Weapon(s)Edit

  • Braun 9mm Parabellum


  • As stated in the beginning of scene one, the mission does not take place in the city of Bremen which is landlocked but in Bremerhaven (literally "Bremen Harbor"), a town about 68km to the north of Bremen with direct access to the North Sea.
  • During a conversation between two dock guards, another terrorist organization called M.I.S.E.R.Y. is mentioned. They were responsible for a giant "Laser Incident" which could have "vaporized" the Empire State Building.
  • Although he is only mentioned in Intelligence items and in conversations, Lt. Frank Brady can be identified as the dock guard who can be found in the upstairs offices in Scene 1.
  • Scene 1 ends with somewhat of an obstacle course: in order to gain access to the rendezvous point, Cate must turn off the heavy steam in the stairway by finding a valve handle that has been dropped in a pool of acid. In order to drain the acid, she must gain access to a room that is blocked by a strong electrical current. The power must be shut off first in order to gain access to the room that allows you to the drain the acid spill and then retrieve the valve handle.
  • Tom says that by setting the timers to "11:15", which would give them "half an hour". This means that the mission begins at around 10:45pm and that Rendezvous in Hamburg took place at around 8pm on the 18th of September.
  • Foreman Vanderberg, who is also mentioned in intelligence items, can be identified as the fat man wearing a brown suit in Scene 2.
  • In Scene 2, a crane can be activated to drop a crate on a dock guard. The control room blows up when walking down the catwalk soon after.
  • After the fourth explosive is activated, several H.A.R.M. agents appear, even if the alarm has not been raised.
  • It is now established that Wagner and Armstrong, along with Volkov, all work for H.A.R.M.
  • The cargo freighter's name is "Lorelei" which is probably named after a huge rock and tourist attraction found on the eastern side of the Rhine river.
  • The chemical containers are very similar to the one that can be seen in the research facility in Berlin by Night.
  • This is the second time that Armstrong had the chance to kill Cate but chooses not to.
  • Unlike all the other times when he is called a coward, Armstrong doesn't take offense this time. He is probably too drunk to take notice
  • A comical use of foreign accents is made when the crew is told to abandon ship and a sailor asks "Did he say ship or sheep?"
  • Unlike other missions where "time is of the essence", there is no set time limit when the freighter is sinking. The only way to fail the mission at this point is to drown
  • It is never revealed how Cate manages to get off the sinking ship as there are no visible escape routes. The mission ends as soon as a beacon has been placed in the radio room.

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