An Ounce of Hope, A Pound of Despair
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"An Ounce of Hope, A Pound of Despair" is both a cutscene and a training mission. During your training you will learn how to ride a motorcycle. During the briefing Archer's success in the previous mission is hailed, while the loss of Tom Goodman is lamented. The training prepares you for the upcoming mission Rescue Attempt.

Briefing Edit

A bittersweet success, to be sure, but a success nonetheless. Recovering from Agent Goodman's death will be no easy task, but you can be sure H.A.R.M. won't sit idly by while you grieve.

The information you recovered from the headquarters of Dumas Industrial Enterprises may prove to be the break you've needed. Report to the War Room for a full briefing.

Summary Edit

At the shooting range, Archer recalls her last encounter with Goodman and remains quite distraught over having now lost two partners. She is called to the War Room where she has a brief discussion with Mr Jones who commends her efforts and reminds her that these are risks that every operative must be willing to take.

Mr Smith arrives and informs them of a new lead of Dr Schenker's whereabouts. It is possible that H.A.R.M. is keeping him captive in a secret facility in North America. Cate will have to covertly infiltrate this facility and liberate Dr Schenker for a second time.

Mr Smith also mentions the fact the Baron's wife appears to have changed her maiden name from Farnsworth to McClain before getting married. Cate recognizes Felicity Farnsworth as the daughter of a disgraced banker who, soon followed by his wife, committed suicide when she was eight. After the fatal "accident" of the aunt who took her in, she lived with a foster family before disappearing without a trace at the age of 14. Archer is sure that she is somehow involved with H.A.R.M. but still lacks the evidence to prove it.

At the training facility, Archer learns some new skills before departing on her next mission.

Characters Edit

New Gadgets/Skills Edit

  • Acid Gas - concealed in a green perfume bottle
  • Camera Disabler ("Dechromatizer")
  • Riding a motorcycle

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only time that the shooting range is shown again, apart from the first level
  • This is the only briefing in which Smithy stands in a different location
  • The motorcycle is the first of two vehicles to feature in the game
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