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Baron Archibald Dumas is married to Baroness Dumas and inherited a huge company from his late father. He is a great fan of hunting and has a huge ego. He thinks he is talented in every way possible and he consideres himself to be very smart. During the interview in A Man of InfluenceCate finds out none of this is true though.


The Baron is a fat, old man with a grey moustache and a monocle. He is only visible in the game on 2 occasions. The first time he wears a hunting outfit, the second time he has a Navy Uniform, indicating he has served in the Navy during WWII, or that he simply bought the uniform like he did with his hunting collection. The uniform he wears is one of a high-ranking officer.

Baron Dumas final moments

Baron Dumas final moments


Jeff Steitzer voiced Baron Dumas, but it also provided the voiced for Dr. Schenker.

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