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Berlin by Night

"Berlin by Night" is the fourth level and second mission in Monolith's game of the year: The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It consists of three scenes and is immediately followed by the mission Unexpected Turbulence.


We've been contacted by Dr. Otto Schenker, an East German Biophysicist who we believe is working on a top secret biological weapons programme for the Soviet Union. Dr Schenker has a desire to defect. He has asked us to assist him in exchange for information on his research.

This opportunity couldn't have arisen at a worse time. After that embarrasment in Morocco, you're hardly our first choice to handle this affair, but all of our other surviving operatives are tied up to equally critical assignments. If we want a chance at Schenker, it has to be now and it has to be you, on your own.

Scene 1Edit

8:27 pm. September 17. STASI Records and Research Facility, East Berlin, German Democratic Republic.

Before she can enter the facility, Cate contacts four different agents who each provide her with one piece of information with regards to the exact location where Dr Schenker can be found. Having put together that "the entrance is hidden in the basement of the library behind the shelf", she then bribes the guard at the gatehouse who allows her entry. Using stealth (or firepower) Cate ventures further into the compound.

Scene 2Edit

Cate now finds herself at the main garrison and library of the facility. Trying to remain undetected, she photographs some of Dr Schenker's work and sets the timers on explosive devises to prepare for her escape. She then meets her contact Werner von Haupt, who provides her with a visitor ID card. Von Haupt warns her that while the staff will ignore her, the guards and security cameras won't be fooled by her disguise. Cate then enters the secret facility to locate Dr Schenker.

Scene 3Edit

Again, stealth is required to remain undetected and avoid the alarm from being raised. While raising the alarm won't fail the mission, it will become slightly more difficult to proceed as all the guards will be looking for you. Dr Schenker is found waiting in his office and is not at all impressed that a woman has been sent to liberate him. Cate assures him that he can lodge a full complaint as soon as they reach Western soil but urges him to leave with her immediately. Schenker relents and after retrieving a picture of his wife, he follows Cate out of the building. The explosive charges are detonated thus distracting the other guards and allowing for a quick getaway. As they run through the streets, a brawny Scotsman steps into view. After quietly commending Cate with the words: "Good Girl", he walks back into the alley.


New WeaponsEdit

  • AK-47 Assault Rifle
  • Hampton MPL 9mm SMG


  • This mission marks the first appearance of Dr Schenker and Magnus Armstrong.
  • The German Democratic Republic was the official name of East Germany and lasted from 1949 to 1990 when it was reunified with West Germany, thus forming today's Federal Republic of Germany. The 2003 film "Goodbye Lenin" deals with the subject of reunification and highlights some of the major differences between Eastern and Western politics and society.
  • The guard in the gatehouse to the facility can only be bribed after Cate has met with all four of her contacts. Going to him before this will result in him raising the alarm and shooting at you, thus failing the mission.
  • In a conversation between two STASIs, one of them says "Geh zum Teufel" which is German for "Go to hell" (literally the "devil")
  • The STASI (or Ministry for State Security) was the secret police agency of East Germany and is often credited as being one of the most efficient intelligence services to have ever existed. Their methods of interrogation and excessive use of wiretapping private residences are widely regarded as human rights violations. The 2006 film: "The Lives of Others" provides an accurate insight into life in East Germany and the work of the Stasi.
  • Inside the compound there is a cage containing three German Shepherds, which are still the most popular breed of police dog in Germany.
  • A large East German flag can be seen hanging on the wall of the garrison's cafeteria in Scene 2. While the colours were the same as its West German counterpart, the emblem consists of a hammer and compass surrounded by a ring of rye. The emblem of both West and modern day Germany is a black eagle.
  • In order to talk to Werner von Haupt, you must offer him a light with the cigarette lighter. When asked to do the same with Tom Goodman in "Rendezvous in Hamburg" this does not work.
  • In the research facility, there is a lot of talk about CCCP Soda, supposedly "the only beverage in the Soviet Union". While this is a clear exaggeration, it provides some more comic relief and contributes to the game's clever use of Cold War humour.
  • The CCCP Soda vending machine also appears in the game's sequel, most notably in the missions set in Siberia.
  • CCCP is the Russian abbreviation for the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" (U.S.S.R.) more commonly referred to simply as the Soviet Union. It was founded in 1922 by the Communist Bolsheviks and was dissolved in 1991. Its dissolution is commonly regarded as the formal end of the Cold War.
  • The new bio-weapons programme that is being researched in the facility is used on goats as test subjects. There is a special test area in Scene 3 which contains several goat pens and a room (accessed using Code Breaker) containing a gigantic goat, possibly the result of a faulty reagent. If the alarm is raised, this area cannot be accessed.
  • Goats and dogs, both of which appear in this mission are two of the four animals to feature in the game. The other two are sharks and monkeys.
  • Dr. Schenker takes a picture of his wife with him before his escape. However, if the cutscene is skipped the picture is left behind.

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