Bristol is a city (located in Bristol county) that can be found in the western side of England.

While interviewing Baron Dumas in an attempt to gather information out of him, Cate Archer was attempting to guess what locations the Baron liked to visit on his hunting safaris. First she had guessed Kenya (the Baron responded that he didn't speak a word of Chinese). Next she guessed Bengal (the Baron disliked cold weather) and finally out of desperation she guessed Rhodesia or Madagascar (to which the Baron scoffed at both suggestions). When she finally asked where the Baron liked to hunt, his response was Bristol. A shocked Archer asked if he was hunting Partridge. Instead the Baron told her of his idea to have Giant Pandas brought in and kept in cages so he could shoot them at his leisure.

While infiltrating the Dumas Tower, Archer found a memo from the assistant to the traveling secretary to Savage Sal's Safari Store. It contained instructions from the Baron for the new Panda cages that were to be erected at the Bristol facilities.

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