Bruno Lawrie is one of UNITY's most distinguished field agents and operatives, who "discovered" and enlisted Cate Archer into UNITY, after she stole his wallet.. After enlisting Cate into UNITY, he was also her mentor.


Lawrie port

Portrait of Bruno Lawrie

Bruno is bald and has a normal posture. He seems to be about as tall as Cate Archer. He has a beard and a mustache and always wears the same clothes. According to a memo found in Morocco, Bruno is 58 years old at that time.

Lawrie ass

Bruno Lawrie talking to Cate Archer just moments before Bruno is allegedly killed by Dmitrij Volkov

The Operative: No One Lives ForeverEdit

Bruno Lawrie is sent on a mission together with Cate Archer to thwart the assassination of U.S. ambassador Monroe. However, they have been compromised by the traitor inside UNITY and Bruno allegedly gets killed by Dmitrij Volkov. Because of their close relationship, Cate is devastated by the loss of Bruno and longs for vengeance. At the end of the game it becomes clear the Bruno is still alive and had faked his own death and hid, in order to expose the traitors inside UNITY.

No One Live Forever: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s WayEdit


Bruno in "No One Lives Forever 2"

While Cate is on assignment in Japan, Bruno was taking care of some messy business in Prague. Bruno is still working for UNITY as "Senior Field Operative" of the UNITY "Special Operations Division" until Mr. Jones goes on his first holiday in fifteen years. Bruno is then appointed "temporary director" of UNITY during Mr. Jones' absence. He utterly hates this function, indicating his displeasure with a lot of cynical statements and sighs. Performing his duties as temporary director is made even more difficult by his American allies, who do not agree with Bruno's approach.


Bruno Lawrie in No One Lives Forever 2

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