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"Care to Explain?" is the sixth level in Monolith's Game of the Year The Operative: No One Lives Forever. Consisting of only one scene, it is not a mission but a training level and is succeeded by Rendezvous in Hamburg.


Congratulations. You have failed again.

Although the circumstances were certainly extraordinary in this case, don't expect much sympathy from command. UNITY cannot afford failures, however justifiable.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the briefing room, Mr. Smith is furious that yet another botched mission and remarks that he always knew that sending a woman on a job like this would end in disaster. Mr. Jones is less critical and gets straight to business: Customs officials have spotted suspicious looking chemical containers on a Finnish cargo freighter in Hamburg. This could be a link to Dr. Schenker. It's also very likely that the kidnappers not only know about Schenker's research, but are also planning to make use of it. Cate is sent to Hamburg to meet with Tom Goodman, an American operative, who is to be her partner and "supervisor" from now on. He will provide her with further instructions on how to follow up on this new lead.

Following Cate's departure, Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones have a short discussion about her performance so far. Smithy argues that she is an incompetent "liability". Mr. Jones on the other hand is determined he knows what he's doing and is convinced that "a woman's touch is exactly what we need on this one"

Cate proceeds to the training facility to learn some new skills.


New Gadget(s)Edit

  • Sleeping Gas - concealed within a blue perfume bottle


  • Although she never actually got a glimpse of him in the previous mission, Cate is still able to identify her attacker as Magnus Armstrong
  • It is not clear in what way the chemical containers are a link to Dr. Schenker, although they do strongly resemble the ones seen in the research facility in Berlin by Night
  • This is the first instance in which a character mentions the fact that "Tom Goodman died in Amsterdam". The nature of his death is never fully revealed.
  • This is the first training level where only one new gadget is introduced.
  • The "new prototype" that Leon is working on is the Briefcase rocket launcher. Going too close to it will cause it to explode
  • The fact that the cargo freighter is Finnish could be a link to the third assassination from The Assignment which takes place in Helsinki.
  • This is one of the few levels not to feature any music.

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