These are list of easter eggs & secrets in NOLF. They are all found in missions and specific scenes. The eggs reduce stuff while the secrets make stuff unusual or funny.

Easter EggsEdit


No One Lives Forever


"Mandatory FPS Sewer" sign as seen in-game.

"Mandatory FPS Sewer" is the text of a sign that appears in a sewer in The Operative: No One Lives Forever . The sewer can be encountered in the mission Berlin by Night.

This humorous text refers to the fact that many FPS (first-person shooter) games contain cliché levels, including sections which take place in sewers.

No One Lives Forever 2

Mentions from around the webEdit

  • "One thing I particularly liked was when you go into this sewer and there's a sign on the wall reading 'Mandatory FPS Sewer'. It's little touches like this that make NOLF a joy to play.
  • "The developers aren’t even above mocking the genre itself, with a sign in a sewer even reading 'Mandatory FPS Sewer.' It’s this self-knowing tongue-in-cheek humor that gives No One Lives Forever its decidedly goofy sheen, which only further pushes its rather unique envelope.
  • "I have seen many FPS games but too many of them have devolved into cliched levels – so common a problem that classic spy shooter 'No One Lives Forever' spoofed it with a 'Mandatory FPS Sewer Level' sign, and players have compiled satirical lists of 'favorite video game rooms full of crates'.
  • "The game is populated with throwaway lines and gags. One sign in a sewers says: 'Mandatory FPS sewer.' It just all adds to the knowing wink that the game gives its audience; it understands the clichés and the faults of the genre and makes them work to its advantage.

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