Fist of Injustice is a criminal organization that is operational in the 1960's. According to the H.A.R.M. employee who developed Artificial Lava, Fist of Injustice is a third rate corporation. Only known for kidnappings, extortion and the petty kind of stuff that any guy with a two car garage and a mental disorder could pull off.

"There is more evil in our (H.A.R.M.'s) daycare center than in all of Fist of Injustice."

However in the media and the criminal industry, Fist of Injustice has a better reputation. This is due to the fact that FoI hired a top rate design firm that designed the science fiction medieval dungeon style lair. This lair not only impressed the media, but other members of the criminal industry.

While Cate Archer was sneaking around the new Dumas Enterprise tower that was under construction, she overheard two Dumas employees talking about the bad payment schedule that Fist of Injustice used to pay their employees.

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