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"If Our Demands Are Not Met" is the 12th level in Monolith's Game of the Year The Operative: No One Lives Forever. As a training level it prepares you for the upcoming mission Man of Influence.


Success at last, albeit overdue and overwhelming. Head to the war room for an update on the situation. Perhaps there is a shred of hope after all.

Plot SummaryEdit

Although being "late again", Cate joins Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith and Goodman for a full debriefing on the latest developments. UNITY is now aware of the Monte Carlo incident and has been contacted directly by H.A.R.M. who are now making their demands. The recorded message (hosted by hand-puppet) explains that the cause of the explosion was not a device was rather a man: the Commissioner, who was infected with the biological weapon developed by Dr. Schenker. The Commissioner is only one of many who have been infected and the puppet warns that whenever UNITY steps out of line or fails to meet its demands, it will be "disciplined" in form of another explosion, endangering the lives of millions of people.

H.A.R.M.'s rather outlandish and ridiculous demands include 50 million pounds sterling, the continent of Australia and an internationally recognized holiday known as "Praise be to H.A.R.M. Day". If H.A.R.M.'s demands are met within the next week, they will provide UNITY with the list of intended victims and the antidote. Failure to do so will result in the deaths of over 100 million people.

Cate is not convinced by these demands, claiming that as they are impossible to fulfill, H.A.R.M. appears to want them to fail. There are also a lot of uncertainties with regards to whether others are actually infected or if an antidote even exists. However, UNITY can't afford to take this issue lightly, so everything must be done to stop H.A.R.M. in its tracks. And there may be new lead: it appears that the cargo freighter was on its way to a chemical plant in Southern England owned by Dumas Industrial Enterprises. As this is a lead worth investigating, Archer and Goodman's next mission involves an "interview" with Baron Dumas, the director of this enterprise, as well as obtaining as much information as possible from his offices and facilities.

After the briefing, Cate reports to Santa's workshop to learn some new skills.


New GadgetsEdit


  • H.A.R.M.'s evil plan has now been made known and it now officially takes on the role of being UNITY's main adversary. In the sequel, the plan to kill millions of people using Dr Schenker's bio-weapon is revealed to have the name "Project Lambda".
  • This is the first time when Archer, Jones, Smith and Goodman are all present in one room.
  • Despite its originality and humorous function, the Robotic Poodle is arguably the least useful and correspondingly least used gadget in the game. Reasons for this include the fact that dogs only appear in two missions and that most players either prefer shooting or avoiding them rather than making use of this gadget.
  • On fast PCs, Smithy may interrupt the puppet's dialogue before it finishes its sentence.
  • While the game largely abstains from using profanity in the dialogue (apart from the frequent use of the word "bastard"), a frustrated Cate mutters the word "shite" upon hearing that both the shipping manifest and the captain's log are useless. This is one of three occurrences of this word in the game; the other instances being Armstrong criticizing Inge Wagner's singing in A Tenuous Lead, and Archer reiterating it in Such Is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 1 when the player fails the mission by running out of time.
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