Il Pazzo is the leader of Danger Danger and he is Dmitrij Volkov's arch-nemesis. Hes real name is unknown and is only addressed by his nickname. Il Pazzo is determined to compete with H.A.R.M. and rise to the top of the criminal underworld. He has an unnamed brother and a nephew named Furio.

Throughout the first six chapters of Contract J.A.C.K., Il Pazzo is unseen and is only heard over the two-way radio John Jack is carrying. He speaks in a thick, stereotypical Italian accent laced with profanity.

In the last chapter there is a brief glimpse of Il Pazzo as he sails away in his gondola with Dr. Harij. After John's successful rescue Dr. Harij, Il Pazzo is heard threatening John that he is dead.


  • Il Pazzo in Italian means "The Madman".
  • He appears to have dead-white skin, like the Joker.
  • He is voiced by John Armstrong.