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Born in Glasgow, Scotland, 1925. Frequently in trouble as a youth due to a penchant for fighting. By all accounts, he was a good-natured, likable young man who only picked fights with willing opponents. He was expelled from several schools before his parents finally sent him to a military academy.

According to a H.A.R.M. memo, Armstrong has a height of 6 ft, 2 inches with red hair and blue eyes.


Magnus Armstrong in No One Lives Forever

During the war, he served as a sapper in France and Germany, with duties ranging from mine removal to demolitions and sabotage. He was officially reprimanded on many occasions for his reckless antics. The most popular legend had to do with a bridge he allegedly crippled with nothing but a shovel and a hand grenade. A Nazi German supply train did the rest. When it reached the weakened section of the bridge, the whole structure came crashing down. Armstrong had reached the rank of Sergeant.

Most of his arrests since returning from the war have been related to public brawling.

No One Lives ForeverEdit


Magnus Armstrong in No One Lives Forever 2

Armstrong's affiliation with H.A.R.M. was suspect only until Cate Archer positively identifies him as the man that ambushed her from behind and knocked her unconsious on a UNITY airplane ride, fleeing East Germany.

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M’s WayEdit

Armstrong has since abandoned H.A.R.M. and has settled for his older life of brawling at local bars and pubs. It wasn't until Cate Archer approached him, citing how he is indebted to her for helping him safely defect from H.A.R.M.'s ranks and for not arresting him after the events of NOLF, that Armstrong agrees to accompany and assist her on a new mission to put a stop to H.A.R.M.'s latest plans for world domination.



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