Misfortune in Morocco
Misfortune in Morocco
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"Misfortune in Morocco" is the second level and the first mission in the critically acclaimed video game: The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It follows UNITY operative Cate Archer, accompanied by her mentor Bruno Lawrie, on an important mission in Marrakech, Morocco where they must prevent the assassination of an American Ambassador. The level is followed by the briefing/training level Requiem for a Spy.


Intelligence has discovered that the American Ambassador to West Germany, Morris Monroe, is marked for execution by an organization calling itself H...A...R...M... or H.A.R.M. The assassination attempt is expected to come on the last day of Monroe's upcoming holiday in Morocco as he is leaving his hotel. There will likely be multiple assailants.

It is imperative that Monroe survive the attack. Be warned though, that the ambassador is extremely nearsighted and almost deaf, so you won't be able to rely on him to realize that he's in danger.

You will be positioned in a residential building across the street from the hotel. Your job is to pick off the assassins before they liquidate Monroe.


Scene 1Edit

4:00 pm. September 16
In view of "Le Chameau Heureux" Hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco.

From an apartment overlooking the hotel, Cate is communicating with Bruno via microphone and earpiece. She asks him what he makes of the possibility of a traitor and is shocked to hear that this isn't the first time that UNITY has had "leaky plumbing". When Ambassador Monroe leaves his hotel, Bruno offers to call out the targets for her.

The player must now choose one of three options, which customize the difficulty level for this scene. The first option "That would be lovely", is the easiest and the player is assisted by Bruno who indicates where exactly the assassins are coming from. The second option "I can handle this on my own thank you", requires close observation as Bruno will not call out the target. The most difficult option is "Where's the challenge in that? I just hope there are enough to keep me busy!", to which Bruno replies that she may regret that statement - close observation and good accuracy are required to dispatch the assassins who now appear two at a time. Choosing the more difficult options will reward the player with intelligence items (one for option B and two for option C) found in mail boxes outside in the courtyard.

Armed with the Hampton Carbine, Cate quickly apprehends the assailants before they can harm Monroe, who remains oblivious to the danger he is in throughout the entire scene. Once he gets into a car and drives away safely, Bruno commends her shooting but warns her that there's a group of thugs headed her way. Having apprehended the "evil-doers", Cate then proceeds to the rendezvous point to meet up with her mentor.

Scene 2Edit

One hour later...
Grand Caravan Hotel

At the hotel, Volkov tells one of his agents to keep his men out of sight so as "not to spoil our trap". Using stealth or marksmanship, Cate infiltrates the hotel and proceeds to meet Bruno in the lobby. Bruno is certain that they've been betrayed due to the amount of thugs within the hotel. Armed with a rifle, Volkov ambushes them from a balcony. Bruno pushes Cate out of the way but is himself shot several times. Volkov tells his men to kill everyone and to destroy the hotel. When asked why he didn't kill the girl, he claims that hunger for revenge distracted him. As Bruno lies dying in Cate's arms he confesses that while he "always had plenty to die for, you've given me something to live for". He then succumbs to his wounds. Cate pursues Volkov back through the hotel, preventing civilian casualties and disarming explosives along the way.

Scene 3Edit

Approaching the city walls, Cate is in hot pursuit of Volkov and swears that she'll find him wherever he goes. As more thugs are sent after her, Cate must shoot her way through the city. She finally catches up with her arch-enemy at the city gates, but Volkov narrowly escapes in a black car. However, Cate notices one of Volkov's men who has been left behind for whatever reason. The player is given the option of either heading directly for the coast or interrogating this thug. The interrogation takes place in a UNITY safe house in [[Fez\\. Neither "torture" nor "asking nicely" will alter the subsequent events (but this scene does add some comic relief).
Note: Interrogating him will earn the player an intelligence item which cannot be obtained when heading directly for the coast.

The scene cuts to a driving blue car in which Monroe angrily shouts at his driver for no apparent reason. He eventually says that he'd "rather walk to the airport than listen to this filth". As he stands at the side of the road, Volkov's car pulls up in front of him and Monroe is shot point-blank before the car speeds off. A red lily is left next to his dead body.

Scene 4Edit

In the dark of night, Volkov lies in wait at the smuggler's den where "The Abigail" is anchored. He warns his henchmen that "if she gets away I will kill any man she leaves alive".

Having made her way through the outskirts, Cate infiltrates the den and safely escapes from the country. After making good on his promise, Volkov stares after the ship and angrily mutters to himself: "We will meet again, Miss Archer".


Memorable Quotes Edit

Scene 1Edit

(With regards the traitor)
Cate: Well I hope when they catch the bastard they'll put a bullet right through his eyes and a boot up his arse for good measure!
Bruno: You sound ready to volunteer...
Cate: I'm dangerous when I'm upset!

(A tourist approaches Ambassador Monroe)
Man: Pardon me, do you have the time?
Monroe: No sir, I do not have a dime and I don't have much use for beggars!
Man: Not a dime, the time.
Monroe: Don't get snippy me or I'll have you arrested
Man: Are you deaf?!?
Man: Oh never mind. (walks away)
Monroe: COWARD!

(Monroe walking along the streets and thinking his assassins are beggars)
Monroe: Riff-raff! Hooligans! Rabble! Sleep it off somewhere else drunkard!
(dropping coin) - Dad burn it! Where's that dime? I better find it quickly before the thieves swoop in like vultures!

(an American tourist complains to his wife that Morocco is "so foreign")
Woman: Well it is a foreign country...
Man: I know, but Canada's a foreign country too and it isn't this foreign!

Scene 2Edit

(Volkov to one of his agents)
Volkov: Keep your men out of sight. We don't want to spoil our trap, do we?
Agent: Yes sir! I mean, no sir! I mean, yes to the first part and no to the second part. Sir!
Volkov: Shut up! Just do as I say, you idiot.

(a street merchant is offering a HARM agent a monkey)
Street Merchant: You look like you need a monkey.
Agent: Excuse me?
Street Merchant: I have a very fine monkey for you. Only twenty dollars American.
Agent: Sorry, I don't want a monkey.
Street Merchant: What do you mean?
Agent: I don't want a monkey.
Street Merchant: Why not?
Agent: Because I don't like monkeys. Now get that filthy beast away from me.
Street Merchant: Are you insulting my monkey?
Agent: I'm sure it's a perfectly excellent monkey, but I don't want it. Now please leave. I'm very busy.
Street Merchant: Ten dollars.
Agent: No! I wouldn't want the dreadful thing even it were free.
Street Merchant: Free?! You want my children to starve?
Agent: If they're hungry, I suggest you feed them the monkey.
Street Merchant: This is a valuable monkey! My wife would kill me if she knew I was offering it to you so cheap.
Agent: You don't seem to understand- I DON'T WANT A MONKEY!
Street Merchant: Infidel.

Agent 1: Any sign of her yet?
Agent 2: Nope
Agent 1: Damn! I got to pee!
Agent 2: Well go then!
Agent 1: What if she shows up while I'm in the restroom?
Agent 2: Good point. Can you hold it?
Agent 1: I guess so...

Scene 3Edit

(A tourist couple have an argument with the street merchant)
Man: I wouldn't give you a rotten fig for that disgusting animal!
Merchant: Are you insulting my monkey?
Man: I spit upon your monkey!
Merchant: You are a horrible person!
Woman: I think the monkey's kinda cute...

(Interrogating Volkov's "lackey")
Cate: (After torturing him the first time) Did you enjoy that?
Lackey: No!
Cate: Spare yourself the suffering. Tell me where I can find Volkov and you might walk out of here with clean underpants!
Lackey: Too late for that...
Cate: That's disgusting!
Lackey. Sorry...

Scene 4Edit

(A guard is furious with another for having left his post)
Guard 1: Hassan would have radioed us if he saw her
Guard 2: What if she sneaked past him?
Guard 1: That's Hassan's fault, not mine!
Guard 2: Idiot! I think Mr. Volkov would disagree with you. Would you like me to tell him?
Guard 1: (shoots the other guard) Tell it to the worms instead!


  • In Scene 1, opening the door of Apartment 25 from the inside (access using the Belt Buckle), will prompt the man in the corridor to "Thank you for your help". This is one of the few occasions in the game in which a civilian who isn't rescued from a thug expresses his gratitude to you.
  • The name of Ambassador Monroe's hotel "Le Chameau Heureux" is French and means: "The Happy Camel". There are also many other items such as signs and maps that are in French. This is a reference to Morocco's history as a protectorate of France from 1912-1956. French continues to be widely spoken in Morocco and it is still considered to be a Francophone country to this day.
  • If civilians are killed by the player, the failed-mission-status reads: "You Killed a Civilian" or "Unacceptable Civilian Casualties". In Scene 2, it reads: "Unacceptable Simian Casualties" if the monkey is killed. "Simian" is a scientific classification of primates that includes monkeys and apes. In Scene 3 however, if the monkey is killed it reads "Unacceptable civilian casualties".
  • Along with goats, dogs and sharks, monkeys are one of the few animals to feature in the game. Apart from this mission, monkeys also appear in the bonus mission Rest and Relaxation, featured as part of the Game Of The Year Edition
  • If the player sticks around for long enough around Bruno's "corpse",  his eyes can be seen blinking, indicating that he is still alive.
  • Several gadgets that have not been introduced yet are needed to retrieve intelligence items, such as the belt buckle and spy glasses. A note from Bruno explaining that you may have to return to the mission again with the "right equipment" breaks the fourth wall.
  • Several intelligence items contain information of Archer's backstory and retrieved parts of the CT-180 device (i.e. the Utility Launcher)
  • An intelligence item found in Scene 2 is a letter written by "Clarke" to his wife Martha in which he reveals to be a Russian spy and must now leave her to return to his "real wife" back home. This little sub-plot is revisited in the game's sequel in Chapter 12: Undersea, where two letters can be found that continue Clarke and Martha's story.
  • This is the first mission where Archer has to "prevent civilian casualties", a parameter that is given in several missions.
  • A blueprint found under the bridge leading to the gate of the city reads "Property of Dumas Industrial Enterprises", alluding to its future involvement in later missions.
  • While it marks Volkov's first appearance with dialogue, he does not reappear until H.A.R.M.'s Promise
  • "Misfortune in Morocco" is the first of three missions where thugs are distracted to help Cate sneak past or dispatch them more easily
  • There seems to be a slight mistake with one of the intelligence items in Scene 1: An envelope detailing Monroe's schedule states that he is to depart on September 18th, even though he leaves for the airport on the very day the mission takes place (the 16th)
  • With a grand total of 41, this mission contains the largest amount of intelligence items in any mission of the game.
  • H.A.R.M.'s Director, disguised as a drunkard in a green suit, makes his first appearance in the game
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