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Music is an important part of the No One Lives Forever series. The games have been critically acclaimed for their score. The Operative: No One Lives Forever (NOLF1) came with an extra bonus CD, In the Lounge, containing original 60s-inspired songs not featured in the game itself.

In-game scoreEdit

All the games' music was composed by Guy Whitmore, except for the PlayStation 2 version of NOLF1, and the extra level in the Game of the Year (GOTY) edition of NOLF1. Whitmore's score is an example of adaptive music; music which changes depending on certain factors. The factors in the NOLF games are mostly related to changes in the state of enemy artificial intelligence; for example, if the player is spotted by enemy NPCs, then the music might switch to a more combative state.

The PlayStation 2 version of NOLF1 was composed by Rebecca Kneubuhl, who did the music for In the Lounge as well. The extra level in the GOTY version was scored by Will Loconto.

The music in Contract J.A.C.K. was mostly reused from No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way.

In the LoungeEdit

Various editions and local/bundled releases of NOLF1 were accompanied by a bonus music CD, titled In the Lounge. These CDs include songs written just for this purpose – they are not featured in the game itself –, as well as a few other tracks.

"In the Lounge"Edit

  1. DATA – 39:40
  2. Goodman's Surprise – 02:24
  3. Santa's Workshop – 02:39
  4. Be-boppin' Shoo-woppin' Along – 02:43
  5. The Operative – 03:41
  6. Elevator of Love – 02:57
  7. No One Grooves Forever – 03:11
  8. Suisse Chalet – 03:34
  9. UNITY's Spy – 02:59
  10. Unknown – 02:42
  11. El Dorado (Archie Thompson) – 02:41
  12. Void (Red Delicious) – 03:54

Best Buy ExclusiveEdit

Bonus CD features a modern, contemporary remix of the "In the Lounge" tracks. Original tracks included.

  • Goodman's Surprise remix
  • Santa's Workshop remix
  • The Operative remix
  • No One Grooves Forever remix
  • Unknown remix
  • UNITY's Spy remix

Mac Play version SoundtrackEdit

  1. Goodman's Surprise – 02:24
  2. Santa's Workshop – 02:39
  3. Be-boppin' Shoo-woppin' Along – 02:43
  4. The Operative – 03:41
  5. Elevator of Love – 02:57
  6. No One Grooves Forever – 03:11
  7. Unknown – 02:42
  8. Suisse Chalet – 03:34
  9. UNITY's Spy – 02:59
  10. No One Lives Forever Theme – 01:41
  11. Goodman's Surprise remix – 03:03
  12. Santa's Workshop remix – 02:58
  13. The Operative remix – 03:45
  14. No One Grooves Forever remix – 03:11
  15. Unknown remix – 02:43
  16. UNITY's Spy remix – 03:16

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