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The "No One Lives Forever Prima's Official Strategy Guide" was a licensed publication by Prima Games. It was written by Steve Honewell and was released in 2000. The book is a breakdown of the characters, equipment and intelligence items found in the game The Operative: No One Lives Forever. There is also a complete walk-through of the various levels. The book has 205 pages. The ISBN number is 7615-2814-8.

Chapter BreakdownEdit

Chapter 1: IntroductionEdit

How to use this book

Chapter 2: Agents, Operatives and SpiesEdit

The Good Guys
The Bad Guys

Chapter 3: Weapons and GadgetsEdit


Chapter 4: StrategiesEdit

Combat Strategies
Stealth Strategies

Chapter 5: Mission 1- Misfortune in MoroccoEdit

Chapter 6: Mission 2- Berlin by NightEdit

Chapter 7: Mission 3- Unexpected TurbulenceEdit

Chapter 8: Mission 4- Rendezvous in HamburgEdit

Chapter 9: Mission 5- A Tenuous LeadEdit

Chapter 10: Mission 6- The DiveEdit

Chapter 11: Mission 7- A Man of InfluenceEdit

Chapter 12: Mission 8- SafecrackerEdit

Chapter 13: Mission 9- Rescue AttemptEdit

Chapter 14: Mission 10- Trouble in the TropicsEdit

Chapter 15: Mission 11- Low Earth OrbitEdit

Chapter 16: Mission 12- Alpine IntrigueEdit

Chapter 17: Mission 13- The Indomitable Cate Archer, SuperspyEdit

Chapter 18: Mission 14- A Very Big ExplosionEdit

Chapter 19: Mission 15- Such is the Nature of RevengeEdit

Chapter 20: Multiplayer GamesEdit

H.A.R.M. vs. UNITY

Appendix 1: Intelligence Items and Bonus SystemEdit

Appendix 2: IndexEdit

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