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Dr. Otto M. Schenker is a brilliant German scientist who was the brains behind the human time bomb project. He later decides to defect from the East Germany which allows him to be kidnapped by H.A.R.M.. He is later rescued by Cate Archer from the H.A.R.M. North American facility. He then joins UNITY in stopping H.A.R.M. and helps them mass produce the antidote for the time bombs. Later he become their chief scientist and yet again helps them create a weapon that can destroy H.A.R.M.'s super soldiers.


On March 5, 1929, Otto Schenker graduated from the University of Hamburg with a Doctorates of Microbiology and a minor in Astrophysics.

At an unknown point in time, Dr. Schenker was awarded an Excellence in Scientific Research and Discovery by Jim's School of Science.


  • His wife had been killed in an explosion while conducting an experiment on the human time bomb serum.
  • Dr. Schenker only took a picture of his wife when he left East Germany. This photo appears on his desk in the second game.
  • He has a knack of losing his glasses and sometimes forgets to speak English instead of his native German.
  • According to a plaque in his office, Dr. Otto M. Schenker was awarded a degree in Scientific Research and Discovery from Jim's School of Science.



Dr. Schenker and Cate Archer

Dr Schenker

Dr. Schenker in No One Lives Forever

NOLF2 DrShenkersWife

The framed photo of Dr. Shenker's wife in his office at UNITY

NOLF2 UniversityofHamburg

Dr. Schenker's diploma from the University of Hamburg

NOLF2 JimsSchoolOfScience

Dr. Schenker's award from Jim's School of Science

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