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"Rescue Attempt" is the ninth mission in Sierra and Monolith's The Operative: No One Lives Forever. The missions follows Cate infiltrating a secret H.A.R.M. facility in North America in an attempt to rescue Dr. Schenker from H.A.R.M., who had captured him earlier in the game. This is the only mission to feature a motorcycle and 1 of only 2 missions Cate has to fight off enemy helicopters.

Briefing Edit

If Doctor Schenker is indeed being held in the secret underground research facility in North America, it's a safe bet he won't be there for long once H.A.R.M. knows what you're up to.

The first step is to identify and detain the American Railways conspirator so that we an interrogate him. You will then need to locate the hidden entrance to the facility, find Doctor Schenker, and get him out alive. Without him, we're doomed.

Mission Summary Edit

Scene 1Edit

Cate has snuck aboard a train in Washington State where she tries to find out more about the whereabouts of Dr. Schenker. While avoiding the conductor until she finds a ticket, Cate retrieves the passenger roster from his office and contacts another UNITY agent on the train. A H.A.R.M. informant is also aboard the train, so Cate must apprehend him first before she can safely proceed. She then fights her way back through the train to the caboose. She detaches it from the rest of the train and guides it onto another track as rolls down the hill.

Scene 2Edit

The caboose stops at a poorly maintained railway complex which is patrolled by H.A.R.M. guards. Cate quietly makes her way through the compound in hopes of finding another UNITY contact she was supposed to meet. As she crawls underneath one of the warehouses, she hears a H.A.R.M. agent interrogating and then killing her contact. Cate will have to improvise and find the facility by herself. She grabs a motorcycle and drives along a dirt road into the woods. On her way she encounters heavy resistance, amongst others a helicopter. After dealing with this she gains entry to the secret facility.

Scene 3Edit

Cate has successfully infiltrate the secret facility. She finds Dr Schenker locked in a dormitory on the bottom level. As a handful of guards are blocking the way out, Schenker shows her another way out. Archer successfully escorts him to safety.


  • If you shock the conductor on the train too much, he will die of a heart attack causing instant mission failure. The conductor also appears to suffer from short-term memory loss as he continuously walks back and forth on the train inspecting the exact same people for their tickets.
  • One of the passengers on the train mentions that she's on her way to visit her mother in Portland. This most likely places the railway route (and secret facility) somewhere between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Apart from these vague hints, we are never told where exactly this mission takes place.
  • Although normally the enemy agent on the train is killed by Cate in a cutscene, you can shoot him yourself if you have a quick trigger finger.
  • There is an intelligence item on the train entitled "Train Riding Hussies on the Orient Express". This could be a reference both to the Agatha Christie novel (and film): "Murder on the Orient Express" and the James Bond film "From Russia with Love", part of which takes place on the Orient Express.
  • If you deliberately fall of the train shortly after commencing the decoupling of the caboose, you will still continue to Scene 2.
  • The use of silenced weapons in the train is only useful if you dispatch of enemies quickly, for they all use unsilenced 9mm Parabellums which causes considerable noise.
  • Whenever needed, a Code Breaker is always lying around somewhere in the level so it's not necessary to equip it while commencing the mission.
  • Although they count as "Civilian Casualties" in your statistics, shooting a scientist will not cause you to fail your mission. This is also the case in other missions featuring scientists, such as Low Earth Orbit and Berlin by Night.
  • One of the conversations in the H.A.R.M base, if not disrupted in time, ends with a chemical experiment exploding, killing the scientists involved and causing the alarm to sound. When this happens, all the guards will search for you in spite of the fact that you aren't responsible for this accident.
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