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"Rest and Relaxation" is a bonus level in the award-winning video game The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It is an exclusive features as part of the Game of the Year (GotY) edition of the game and is not available as an add-on for prior releases.

Mission BriefingEdit

We're sending you to a remote island paradise for a well-deserved vacation. You'll have plenty of peace and quiet without distractions. In fact we can't contact you even if we want to. The only communication to the outside world is through the weekly boat that brings supplies and vacationers from the mainland. Enjoy yourself Cate, you've earned it.


Scene 1Edit

4:00pm, October 1. Somewhere in the South Pacific

Having thwarted H.A.R.M.'s plot to hold the world at ransom, Cate Archer spends a well-deserved vacation on a remote island in the South Pacific. But her relaxing holiday takes a sudden turn when a monkey enters her room and steals her Shepherd Arms 9mm pistol. During her pursuit of the cheeky primate, she stumbles upon a hidden room underneath the hotel that is filled with hostile guards and containers labeled "H.A.R.M." A new mission has just begun...

Scene 2Edit

The hidden basement leads outside where Cate acquires a motorcycle and follows the trail through the jungle and some ancient ruins. She encounters heavy resistance along the way, including several guards who wear monkey-masks, possibly as a disguise. The trail leads her to a large daunting temple, which she enters.

Scene 3Edit

The temple turns out to be a secret H.A.R.M. facility which is ran by scientists and heavily guarded. Cate makes her way to the main control system and triggers the self-destruct mechanism.

Scene 4Edit

The self-destruct process in now in full progress and Cate has less than five minutes to get out of there alive. In a long hallway, a scientist beats her to the elevator but it collapses once he gets inside. Cate uses the maintenance ladder to climb up the shaft and escapes just in time before the facility explodes and the volcano inside which it was based erupts.

Exhausted after this ordeal, Cate passes out on the beach but is woken up by the monkey who started off this whole affair. Cate remarks that he "needs a good spanking" and chases after him with the words "come back here little monkey!"


  • Apart from Misfortune in Morocco and Rescue Attempt, this is the only mission-level to feature monkeys and motorcycles respectively.
  • The level features a unique soundtrack not played in any of the other levels.
  • It is unclear what the motive behind wearing the monkey-masks is but adds another unique and humorous touch to the level.
  • Even though they work for H.A.R.M. and it was permissible in other levels, killing the scientists counts as an "Unacceptable Civilian Casualty" and fails the mission.
  • The hotel caretaker in Scene 1 wears overalls labeled "Dumas", although this most likely a case of recycling old models as opposed to designing a completely new one for the purpose of this bonus level.
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