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"Safecracker" is a level in the award-winning video game The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It is the 8th mission of the game and features the game's first "boss fight" as well as the return of Dmitrij Volkov. Consisting of six scenes, it is the longest mission of the game and is followed by the briefing/training level An Ounce of Hope, a Pound of Despair.


While it's clear that Dumas Industrial Enterprises is somehow linked to H.A.R.M., it's not entirely certain who the mastermind is. You must infiltrate the company's corporal headquarters building, locate the safe in the president's office and photograph any relevant documents you find.

Agent Goodman will provide a distraction that should draw attention away from you, but you should still expect resistance.

Plot SummaryEdit

Scene 1Edit

9.00pm September 20 - Construction Site of Dumas Towers

Goodman tells Cate to give him a signal when she's in position. He'll then stir things up down below. Before leaving, she tells him to be careful, but he reassures her that he'll be fine.

Cate's first objective is to turn on the generator so she can ride the main lift to the upper level of the tower.

Scene 2Edit

On the upper level, Cate is ambushed by Inge Wagner who, with a convenient combination of electricity and water, gives the performance of a lifetime; that is to say, the last performance of her life to be precise...

Cate then continues her journey to the top of building.

Scene 3Edit

Cate is now on the very top of the construction site. She then proceeds to use the crane to gain access to the administrative building.

Scene 4Edit

Having reached the upper level of the administrative building, Cate signals Goodman with a large explosion. After doing so, she uses the window washing rig to enter the offices beneath her.

Scene 5Edit

Muttering to herself: "Alright Goodman, where's that diversion?", Cate sneaks through the offices collecting as much intelligence as possible. After recovering at least eight intelligence items, she uses the code breaker to hack into the elevator systems. She then rides to the executive level to crack the Baron's safe.

Scene 6Edit

There is still no sign of a diversion, so Cate has to rely on stealth and skill to reach the Baron's office. She cracks the safe, avoids the infared laser beams and photographs the documents within.

An immediate cutscene ensues: On her way out, Cate comes across Goodman who is being held at gun point by Volkov. In an attempt to push Volkov away, Goodman is shot. With his last breath he tells Cate to go. She fleas. After sending more guards to pursue her, Volkov stands over Goodman's body and ends the scene with the words: "I hope you are pleased".



  • With a total of six scenes, this is the longest mission of the game
  • In Scene 1, behind the warehouse where the scene begins, a second Cate can be seen standing in a far away corner. A similar glitch can be seen in A Man of Influence Scene 3.
  • Even though the construction site is set in England, practically all warning signs and labels are written in German.
  • The battle with Inge Wagner is the first "Boss Battle" of the game. Due to the fact that she hasn't been mentioned since The Dive, this battle seems to come out of the blue. Even later on in the game, the battle and Inge's death are never mentioned afterwards.
  • In her final battle, Inge Wagner wears a bullet-proof Viking costume. This costume is a reference to Richard Wagner's opera "The Ring of the Nibelung". She also sings her signature piece "The ride of the Valkyries", which causes the player health damage unless the radio is switched off. Her singing also prompts her men to hold their ears shut thus making them easier to dispatch
  • Inge Wagner is the only character in the game to carry a sword. Swords become usable weapons in the game's sequel
  • The Banner hanging over the lift in Scene 2 reads "Der Erstaunliche Inge" This is grammatically incorrect as "Der" is the definitive article for masculine words. As Inge is a woman, it should read "Die Erstaunliche Inge" - ("The Amazing Inge")
  • Even though the lift in Scene 2 doesn't appear to go anywhere from below, it nevertheless brings the player up to the top of the skyscraper.
  • In scene 4, two guards talk about the "old man's new secretary". It is possible that they are referring to Baron Dumas.
  • While eight intelligence items are required to complete the objective in Scene 5, there are nine items altogether. It is also the only time in which the collection of intelligence items is a compulsory objective, as opposed to an optional one.
  • In Scene 5, two guards can be overheard conversing about popular TV shows from the 1960s. They mention successful spy shows such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Get Smart, The Saint, The Avengers, Mission Impossible and the films Our Man Flint and In Like Flint. The game's own genre as well as many of its elements are inspired by these shows/movies.
  • The Baron's safe in Scene 6 consists of four chambers protected by infrared lights. The player must use the spy glasses to avoid them. The fourth chamber can be skipped altogether by opening the small grate just in front of it and by crawling underneath it to the room that contains the final ledger.
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