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"The Dive" is the eleventh level in Monolith's Game of the Year The Operative: No One Lives Forever. It is the sixth mission in the game and consists of three scenes. It features the game's only scene to be set entirely under water. It is followed by the briefing/training level If Our Demands Are Not Met.


Return to your hotel to see if Agent Goodman has left a message for you. In either case, contact him and make plans. You'll need his help if you're to succeed.

Mission SummaryEdit

Scene 1Edit

47 Minutes Later, Frankfurt Inn

Cate enters the lobby and asks if any messages have been left for her. Returning to her room, she notices that the door has been left standing ajar. It swings open to reveal a nonchalant Goodman. Cate is furious that he didn't warn her of his plan to blow up the ship. Goodman claims that he didn't expect her to be aboard long enough "for it to matter". Due to the fact that neither the shipping manifest nor the captain's log have been retrieved, the two agents will have to dive down to the wreckage to obtain them. They are ambushed by enemy agents and Goodman advises Cate to "head for the roof, they won't expect that".

Scene 2Edit

Having climbed into the attic (which despite Goodman's advice is also crawling with thugs) Cate proceeds across the roof and through air vents towards the exit at the back of the hotel. Following her escape, Inge Wagner punishes one of her agents by "prohibiting him from attending her motivational concerts for two weeks". Assuming she is out of earshot, the agent sings and dances with joy. Wagner, who was just around the corner, then decides that "on second thought, perhaps that punishment is too inhumane. Let's go with electrocution instead!"

Scene 3Edit

The North Sea

Cate is surprised when Goodman sends her down to the sunken freighter without making any patronizing remarks. At the same time, in H.A.R.M.'s secret submarine, Inge Wagner and Magnus Armstrong send divers of their own to retrieve the log and manifest. As soon as Cate has obtained the required items, she is ambushed by the divers. She safely returns to surface and informs Goodman of her encounter. He claims he didn't see anything from the boat.



  • Even though it's called "Frankfurt Inn", it is highly unlikely that the hotel is actually in Frankfurt as that city is hundreds of miles south of Bremen.
  • There is large banner in the hotel's courtyard reading "Oktoberfest". This is a reference to the largest annual folk festival in the world. While the date is accurate, the location isn't as this festival only takes place in Munich, Bavaria. Then again, it could be an advert.
  • Unlike the other frightful civilians who seek cover when coming across a dead body, a maid with a cockney accent angrily cries out she won't clean up the mess [Cate] made. She completely ignores the dead bodies and doesn't seem to take notice or care when pointing a gun at her.
  • An intelligence item, which is randomized to taking the form of either a long tape or a small film roll hints refers to the villains Wagner and Armstrong. The tape is labelled as Inge Wagner's song "Ode to Daisy" and the film apparently shows Armstrong in the midst of a brawl.
  • The Director, disguised as a drunkard, makes his third cameo appearance and shows up twice: In Scene 1 he doesn't say anything but at the end of scene 2, he steps into a hall and yells he "needs more beer".
  • While moving through the air duct, it breaks at one stage and Cate lands in a huge barrel of beer. The hotel appears to have its own brewery, which is not an uncommon occurrence in West Germany.
  • A time or date is not given in Scene 3 which causes some confusion with regards to the game's time frame. While it was night time in the first two scenes, the sun is shining in Scene 3. We can assume from this that the last scene probably takes place early hours of the next morning.
  • The areas of the freighter Cate travels through are very different to the ones in the previous mission. The only room that reappears (although it couldn't be accessed earlier) is the galley which contains the add-on "Antitoxin" to protect against poison damage.
  • Before sending the divers to the wreckage, Armstrong mentions a "half-empty bottle of Laphroaig", which is a popular whiskey distilled in Scotland.
  • This is one of two levels to feature sharks. The sharks are extremely vicious and require at least two hits to kill.
  • On the official website, the sunken freighter is shown to be located somewhere in the Caribbean, as opposed to somewhere in the North Sea.
  • H.A.R.M.'s "Super Secret Submarine" features again the game's sequel, where it is destroyed in the mission Preemptive Strike.
  • This is the first mission that actually results in success. Cate's skills and overall performance in the field improve steadily from now on.
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