The Operative: No One Lives Forever (commonly shortened to No One Lives Forever, abbreviated NOLF or NOLF 1), is a video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Fox Interactive. It was released on November 9, 2000.

Credits and CastEdit

This page lists the credits for the Windows versions of The Operative: No One Lives Forever (NOLF) – both the original version and the Game of the Year (GOTY) edition combined.

In order to compile this "ultimate" list, the following sources were used:

  • NOLF game manual
  • In-game closing credits in NOLF (v1.000 to v1.003)
  • In-game closing credits in NOLF GOTY
  • Readme file for NOLF v1.002
  • Readme file for NOLF GOTY
  • Official NOLF website
  • In-game closing credits in the NOLF tech demo, extracted with the use of NOLF Tools

These sources give quite a differing account of people involved in the production, even between the materials for the same release (e.g. the manual, the readme and the in-game credits for the initial release of the game). This page intends to provide the most complete and correct account of people who worked on NOLF and discrepancies between the various sources are noted.

In the readme file for the original game, nicknames for most of the testers and Quality Assurance employees were included. Where this was the case, the nickname is mentioned next to the person's name, between single quotation marks.

The official NOLF website includes a short credits page. The page is made up of two sections: "UNITY Operations Team" and "Additional Operations". In the first section, employees are mentioned, along with a humorous, fictional UNITY job title, that somewhat reflects their role in the creation of the game. The latter section lists other people, but without any job descriptions. These are also mentioned on this page, where applicable.




  • Various female characters (voiced by Kit Harris and Barbara Dirickson)
  • Various male characters (voiced by Ken Boynton, Scott Burns, Mark Dias, John Patrick Lowrie and Mike Madeoy)


  • Cate Archer (NOLF cover model) (portrayed by Mitzi Martin)
  • Game Director (Craig Hubbard)


  • On the main menu, Cate can be seen wearing sunglasses and holding a Shepherd Arms 9mm. In the actual game, however, Cate can only hold a weapon or a gadget, but not both.

Fox InteractiveEdit

Production Team

Name Credit Mock credit on NOLF website
Chris Miller Producer External Fiscal Modifications Supervisor
Aaron Blean 'ApB' Associate Producer Listed under "Additional Operations"
Tim Hall Associate Producer (GOTY)

Fox Quality Assurance DepartmentEdit

Name Credit Other notes
Don Sexton 'KILLJOY' Q.A. Supervisor (non-GOTY)
Q.A. Manager (GOTY)
Igor Krinitskiy 'Russo2000' Q.A. Assistant Manager (GOTY) Was a tester for original NOLF; see Fox Test Team

Q.A. LeadsEdit

Name Credit Mock credit on NOLF website Other notes
Kaycee Vardaman 'Mulletino' Q.A. Lead Listed under "Additional Operations" Not credited for GOTY
Chris Wilson 'Lancer' Q.A. Lead Only credited as a tester in NOLF manual; in in-game credits, he is credited as Q.A. Lead and tester. See Fox Test Team
Tim Harrison 'Landshark' Q.A. Co-Lead Listed under "Additional Operations" Credited as Co-Lead in GOTY, and simply as Lead in non-GOTY; however he is credited as Co-Lead in the tech demo, too

Fox Test TeamEdit

The size of the list of testers varies substantially between the sources. This table lists everybody who has been mentioned in at least one of the sources. The sources in which a given person appears is denoted by the word "Yes" in the respective column for the source.

Name Credited in Other notes
Non-GOTY in-game Non-GOTY readme Manual GOTY in-game and readme Tech demo in-game
Ken AndersonYesYesYes
Sweet BillyYesYesYesYes
Tony BlackYesYesYes
Joe Castellano 'Slider'Yes
Francis Choi 'Big Frank'YesYesYesYes
Kristian Davila 'Brock Landers'YesYesYesYes
Matt Dell 'Matty'YesYesYesYes
Glenn Dphrepaulezz 'LegO'Lamb'YesYes
Michael DunnYesYes
David Farkas 'PaLaDiN#67'YesYesYes
Kevin HuynhYesYesYes
Anant JiemjitpolchaiYesYes
Igor Krinitskiy 'Russo2000'YesYesYesYesQ.A. Assistant Manager for GOTY (see Q.A. Dept.)
Javier LagosYesYesYesYesYesEmpty nickname quotes in readme
Joe LamasYes
Duc Lai 'shoot@fox'YesYesYes
Frantz LattenYesYesYesYes
Cris Lee 'Soupafly'YesYesYes
Jeremy Luyties 'Ludies'YesYesYes
Red Magpantay 'Teeth'YesYesYesYes
Kerry Marshall 'Bling Bling'YesYesYesYesYes
Aaron MinjaresYesYesYes
Arabian Nazel 'Panic Zone'YesYesYesYes
William Pamies 'KMA'YesYes"Billy Pamies" in readme
Young Park 'Bad Bo0oy'YesYesYesYesYes
Kyle Peschel 'Pezman'YesMentioned in "Special Thanks" section for the released game
Victor RodriguezYes
Gabriel Slater 'Kamikaze'YesYesYes
Jeff Spierer 'Jiggleypeff'YesYesYes
Nathan Sutter 'THX'YesYes
Jeff TatmanYesYes
David Taylor 'skultomb'YesYes
Luke Thai 'Thai Fighter'YesYesYesYes
Tim Tran 'GunBuster'YesYesYes
Ellen WilliamsYesYesYesYes
Chris WilsonYesQ.A. Lead (see Q.A. Dept.)
Daan Wisehart 'BlueGrass'YesYes
Hal Zabie 'Durden'Yes



No One Lives Forever series
The Operative: No One Lives Forever · No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way · Contract J.A.C.K.

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